Kindred Spirits: Four Hundred Years of an American Family

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Kindred Spirits: Four Hundred Years of an American Family Description

Review ‘Outstanding…. Bellamy has the ability to share his discoveries so as to make the ordinary seem remarkable. Kindred Spirits benefits largely from his considerable talents as a storyteller and writer.’ –ForeWord Reviews Read more From the Back Cover ‘It’s easy to understand the temptations of genealogy, the apparent promise of being able to locate oneself in space and time, acquiring, if one is lucky, a bona fide sliver of something like divine perspective. What’s remarkable about Kindred Spirits is Joe David Bellamy’s ability to make a private quest into a work of fascination and suspense for his readers.’                                                                  –Kathryn Harrison, New York Times Bestselling author’Kindred Spirits is a wise, wild ride, written with wit and energy and charm, and packed with stories that read like fiction. By the last page you’ll have read a surprising history of America, and you’ll have a new notion of just how eerily connected we all are.’–Josephine Humphreys, author of Nowhere Else on Earth ‘I really enjoyed this book! Joe David Bellamy’s Kindred Spirits is so engaging, charmingly inclusive, and skillfully and tenderly spooned out, there is real comfort here in the universal message that many of us may quite possibly be at least cousins.       An exceptional and compelling new breed of memoir, history lesson, genealogy tutorial, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, personal meditation, and fireside seat-gripper, Kindred Spirits is rich with stunners and head-spinners that both entertain and leave the reader pondering the nature of chance and destiny that inform all of our origin tales. It will be hard to read this and not decide you are related to Joe David Bellamy.’ –Steve Amick, author of The Lake, the River & the Other Lake and Nothing But a Smile Read more

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